Your surgery

Preparing for your surgery

If you do require surgery, Dr O’Leary may request some additional information to assist with the pre-operative planning such as further imaging or blood tests. You may also require an assessment by an anaesthetist depending on your medical history.

Instructions relating to your hospital stay, such as when you’re due to come in for your operation and any fasting information will be communicated to you by the relevant hospital in the 24 hours prior to your admission.

During your hospital stay

Depending on your procedure, you may only need a day-stay admission, or you may need to stay overnight. This will be determined by the type of surgery, as well as how well you’re recovering after the surgery, whether your pain is under control and how well you can move. A physiotherapist will come to see you if you need help to mobilise, and provide any specific instructions relating to your procedure.

After your surgery

Dr O’Leary will follow you up in his rooms’ after you are discharged from hospital. This appointment will depend on the type of procedure you have had, but will usually occur 2 weeks post-operation. The purpose of this visit is to make sure that you are recovering well, to check the surgical wound and to answer any further questions you may have. You may also be required to have an X-ray before this appointment. Dr O’Leary will advise you on this after your surgery.

For all appointments and enquiries

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